Aims and Objectives

Can I Use What I learn at CELME?

Yes! This is practical management knowledge you can use immediately. Every speaker offers you useful lessons gained from their lab’s experience with work flow redesign, use of new automation and instruments, and state-of-the-art laboratory informatics. 

Why Should I attend CELME?

Join us CELME only if you are ready to lead your laboratory to a “world class” level of laboratory performance. CELME’s speakers are committed to excellence and ready to help you learn and master everything in lab management you need to succeed! 

What Will I learn at CELME?

CELME is your best source to learn about innovations in lab operations. This is about management “best practices” and getting more from people, equipment, and computers. You’ll learn how to use new management methods and ideas to help your pathology laboratory deliver top quality testing and pathology services to your referring doctors.